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Auto Tips

What to do when your car is having trouble starting

  • With today's computer controlled cars, the possibility of a vehicle not starting when you turn the key is less likely then ever before. But it does happen, and when it does, it would help if you knew some basic tests and procedures that could allow you to determine the cause and often fix the problem yourself instead of relying on your local repair shop to bail you out.

    The first step is to narrow down the cause of the no-start.

    Let's go over the process of starting the car, so you have a better understanding of what is going on when you turn the key:

    Here is what happens on a properly running car:

    • You sit behind the wheel and insert the ignition key into the switch.
    • You then turn the key to the spring loaded start position. When you do that, the ignition switch engages the starter by connecting the battery to the electric starter motor which, in turn cranks the engine over. This can be easily heard and is referred to as cranking the engine over.
    • The next thing you will hear is the engine running, which is your signal to release the key.
    • At that point, the engine is running and you are ready to place the transmission selector in Drive and be on your way.