Toyota Scion Maintenance Service

Toyota Scion maintenance service at A+ Smog & Muffler San Bernardino. Includes oil, filter,24 Pt. Vehicle inspection, tire rotation, free front end alignment inspection. Please call for an appointment today – 909 881 3038 or visit us online at

One thought on “Toyota Scion Maintenance Service

  1. aaronbbrown yeah, he should’ve just kept hniittg the gas but then again the FT-86 shouldn’t be drifted anyway unmodified, it doesn’t have the power to do it properly in my opinion (maybe that’s why they are in the rain).This looks like it is just sliding along the water more than anything. I’d like to see Toyota come out with a performance package with a turbo to get some mad toque in the low end.Hugh Jorgen: Come out an plaaaaayyy. But seriously, I think I’m done with you. After reading your comment on the Cadillac Back to Front, basically attacking someone with nonsense and stupidity, I’m realizing this is not a fair fight. I work in the biz and have the ability to google basic information. You no doubt wear a helmet and get distracted by shiny objects. Maybe you’re a 12 year old kid. If so, is your mom a hotty? Pics please. Skin only. Anything with a pouty face and over the shoulder. Yum.

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