1992 Chevy Camaro Passes Smog Check

This is a 1992 Chevy Camaro Iroc Z28 we have been servicing for several years foe one of our customers. It had 328,000 miles on it and it passed the smog check first shot. Kind of cool. If you need your car smogged or if you need an oil change give us a call. A+ Smog & Muffler.San Bernardino, CA 92404. Phone 909 881 3038. Website www.aplussmogandmuffler.com

One thought on “1992 Chevy Camaro Passes Smog Check

  1. Gunner, I personally have never uosordtend why someone would spend boodles of money on a car only to keep it as a trailer queen. Cars are meant to be driven not just looked at. I drove my ’66 LeSabre to the BCA National in Buffalo in 2001 about 1400 miles round trip and I’ve driven my ’72 LTD to Hershey twice again about 1300 miles each trip. I would have no fear of driving it across the country except my back end starts to hurt after about an hour. My ’71 Buick is much more comfortable but it is has many more miles on it compared to the Ford and is showing it’s age not to mention 10-12 mpg. I average close to 18 with the LTD.

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